Application Security Platform Overview

Don’t Just Focus Security on the Perimeter. Secure Your Data from the Inside


Three Reasons Externally-Focused Fortresses Fail

Phishing is Effective Because it Works!
Since 91% of hacking attacks begin with a phishing/spear phishing email, the majority of malicious threats access your data using valid credentials, thus bypassing your perimeter security

Locked front doors, wide-open closets
Organizations employ sophisticated perimeter firewalls and multi-factor authentication during login, HOWEVER that provides a false sense of security. Since a valid credential can be compromised by hackers OR misused (by insiders), the bad actors are already living in your system

Data breaches tend to be slowly and methodically executed.
Once a bad actor has access to the user data in your ERP, the damage is endless! Re-routing direct deposits, stealing identities, exporting salary reports, and more! A hacker can live in your system for months, going undetected

Application Security Platform
Delivers Complete User Data Protection

Appsian takes a granular approach to application security. By applying security features at the field/page/component levels (in addition to login), Application Security Platform leverages a robust rules engine to apply controls that limit access based on:

  • Who a person is
  • What they are trying to do
  • Where they are accessing your applications from


Contextually Aware

Native Integration

Eliminates Customizations

By leveraging a sophisticated rules engine, Application Security Platform gives you the freedom to force challenges based on the context of access (role, data type, device, location, etc.) Now you can take into consideration who the person is and what they’re trying to do, and use that important context to determine the most effective security challenges.

Appsian solutions plug directly into the PeopleSoft web server – so adding security doesn’t mean adding customizations or complexity. Native integration allows you to maintain and upgrade your PeopleSoft environment without having to make special considerations for Appsian’s security solutions. 

Many PeopleSoft customers leverage single sign-on vendors like OKTA and Ping Identity. However, without native SAML functionality in PeopleSoft, customizations are required in order to simulate SAML communication. Combing PeopleSoft Single Sign-On by Appsian with your existing SSO (or MFA) vendor(s) allows you to remove the myriad of existing customizations and have a better functioning system – without the complexity

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