App Designer 3 tier login from the command line

By Larry Grey • May 4, 2006

It was just pointed out to me that PeopleBooks does not document how to connect to an application server (3 tier connection) from the command line instead of just directly to the database (2 tier connection) for Application Designer.

So instead of a command line like this which connects you directly to the Oracle instance


you’d have something like

pside -CX APPSRV -CX hostname:portnumber -CO VP1 -CP VP1

The -CX parameter is for the host where the application server is running, and the portnumber is the port where the Tuxedo Workstation Listener (not the Jolt listener!) is. This defaults to port 7000 in a demo installation of PeopleSoft.

Connecting in 3 tier with Application Designer is mainly useful for debugging. If you only connect 2 tier, then you can’t debug anything that is happening on the application server.


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3 Replies to “App Designer 3 tier login from the command line”

  1. Good point – that works as well. You can tell that I don’t use the profiles too much 🙂

  2. It looks like the correct command line parameter for 3 tier logging is


    where SERVERNAME is the name of Appserver:port you setup under Profile -> Default -> Database/Application Server in configuration manager

  3. When I connect with App Designer to a web server the run button for App Engine Programs is grayed out. Is there a parameter that I am missing that would allow me to run an App Engine through this connection?

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