Drilling URLs and Pagelet WIzard

By Larry Grey • January 9, 2012

I received an excellent question this week from an attendee of our Advanced Query Tips and Techniques session at the Quest Midwest conference.

In this session, I discussed using Queries in WorkCenter pagelets as a way of generating a list of items to be worked.  In order for the pagelet to link to a page, there needs to be a hyperlink to that page coming from the data in the query results.  Wouldn’t it be nice to use the Drilling URL feature in Query to accomplish this (as discussed in the following blog entry)?

This would accomplish the following:

  • Allow easy definition of pages and queries to drill to (with parameters passed)
  • Allow the source of the pagelet to be created and maintained definitionally with security, translations, and administration already handled
  • Allow queries and pagelets to be migrated between environments without manual changes to make it work
  • Leverage a common definition for stand-alone queries and the source of pagelets

Although drilling URLs are not understood by Pagelet Wizard directly, the drilling URLs you create in your queries can be used in Pagelet Wizard for navigation.

Here are the steps.

Example Drilling URLs

Here are two example drilling URL expressions.  Like any other expression, they can be included in the field list and used as data.

Defining the link in Pagelet Wizard

When using the query as the data source of a pagelet, you can click on the link icon to define the hyperlink for a given column (i.e. display field) in the pagelet.

Specifying Pagelet link Details

Finally, you can use your query’s drilling URL as the hyperlink by doing the following:

  • Click on the External URL link type
  • Set the BASE URL to be specified by the data
  • Pick the expression field as the data to use (it’s a fully qualified URL, so it will work).

Voila.  You’re done!

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