Editing Enhancements for SQR and PeopleCode

By Larry Grey • November 16, 2007

One of the things that we showed during the version control presentation at OpenWorld was editing some files was using the open source Notepad++ text editor.

Notepad++ is a great programmer’s editor with a whole bunch of cool features that will contribute to your productivity. They go into great detail on their website about them, but I wanted to show a couple here that we can apply a PeopleSoft slant to.

One is the ability to define color-coding rules for your own programming languages. Notepad++ understands numerous programming languages right out of the box; SQL, HTML, Java, .ini files, etc. It doesn’t understand things like SQR and PeopleCode though, so we can define our own. Here’s what SQR looks like.

It’s easy enough to change the color scheme if you don’t like the ones that we’ve put together.

Here’s PeopleCode.

We’ve gone ahead and defined the code folding words for both SQR and PeopleCode. Here’s an example with PeopleCode.

In order to use this, you’ll need to get Notepad++ and then download our file that defines the syntax rules.

On the Notepad++ download page, you can grab the Notepad++ installer. There’s also a section on that page for user contributed language files, which includes the instructions for how to install the user defined languages into Notepad++. If you’re feeling so inclined, you can even grab files there for COBOL syntax highlighting 🙂

One last cool Notepad++ tip is that you can dynamically select which language rules should be applied to any given file. Normally this defaults by the file extension (e.g. .sqr and .sqc get SQR highlighting), but sometimes there are files that don’t have the correct extension for their language.

An example is the .cfg files for the application server and process scheduler domains, along with the backup files that psadmin automatically creates for these. If you open one of these files, and select the “MS Ini” option from the language menu, then you’ll get some nice color coding and collapsible sections. Much nicer than psadmin for an editor 🙂

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4 Replies to “Editing Enhancements for SQR and PeopleCode”

  1. I use jEdit and have a PeopleCode syntax file available here and a Data Mover Script (DMS) syntax file available here

  2. Funny that you should mention SendKeys; many moons ago there was a discussion internally within PeopleTools about how to get some better features in the editors and doing something similar came up as an idea. But it was vetoed over being too clunky as compared to something built in.

    Since we end up with separate files for PeopleCode from our version control work, we can do some offline editing/analysis of the PeopleCode. The code folding feature in Notepad++ (and in many other editors) is great for trying to understand large application packages (the lack of navigation for app packages is one of the things I mention in an upcoming blog post on funclibs vs app classes).

  3. This is very interesting. Good tip.

    I am curious about how to get your PeopleCode into and out of Notepad++. Years ago I attempted doing something very similar with gVim, but I didn’t keep it up because it was too much hassle to copy and paste it into another editor. I rigged up a quick Windows script that would use the SendKeys command to copy and paste the PeopleCode between the two, but it never worked good enough.

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