Initial Testing with PeopleSoft using the Chrome browser

By Larry Grey • September 4, 2008

Well, the Chrome browser’s been out for about a day now, so I thought I’d give it a whirl using PeopleSoft.

You see, browser testing has always been a bit of a challenge with PeopleSoft, since each one handles javascript and other things just differently enough to cause issues. Now, many folks may be wondering why even bother test it (other than sheer geekdom), since corporations probably won’t be deploying it internally any time soon. However, as we’ve seen with recent discussions with our ERP firewall product, there are many organizations who are deploying PeopleSoft outside the corporate firewall, like manager self service, open enrollment, and student registration.

What I’ve found so far

From a couple of hours of testing, here’s what I’ve found

  • The frame for the portal navigation does not display the scrollbar (this is a bug that also exists for FireFox)
  • REN Server does not work. The JavaScript that catches the browser type issues an error message that the Ren Server is not supported for Safari. This may be a good use for the GoogleTalk integration we’ve posted in another blog entry.
  • Downloading Query Results in Excel cause a corrupt excel file to be sent (Excel tries to fix it, but the formatting is lost).
  • Buttons that should be at bottom of Tree Manager and Tree Viewer are rendered in the middle of the page (this doesn’t seem to occur for other pages, such as the Journal Entry Page or Report Manager, though… it may have something to do with rendering HTML areas).

All in All, I’m pretty impressed with how much I can do with PeopleSoft on Chrome out of the box, though (I did my testing on Financials 8.9, running PeopleTools 8.46).

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5 Replies to “Initial Testing with PeopleSoft using the Chrome browser”

  1. Yeah Paul,

    You are right with the new chrome version. Steps that need to be taken to view the page info are
    1) Cntrl+Shift+J and let go of all buttons
    2) Again Cntrl + Shift + J


  2. Hi Chris,

    Ctrl-Shift-J launches Chrome’s Resource Inspector window for me – but a second Ctrl-Shift-J pulls up the page info! Yeah!

    – Paul

  3. Good find. One thing to add even the cntl + j does not work for chrome (is there any other way to do that?). It opens the downloads page instead of giving peoplesoft information.

  4. I have been using the browser for couple days and have to admit that the speed (page loads) are much faster than both Firefox and IE!

    Very impressed as well..

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