New Tool for PeopleSoft Application Developer Productivity

By Larry Grey • July 12, 2006

Wish Application Designer were easier to use? Everyone always does.

What’s funny to me is that ever since I started using PeopleTools (PeopleTools 2!), each major release has been so much better than the last that I couldn’t stand to use the older version. But the exact same release that would make me so happy when it came out was the same one that I couldn’t stand a few years later.

There are ways of breathing new life into Application Designer though. We’ve just released a new product, the Grey Sparling PSIDE Helper, that does just that. It’s probably easiest to just watch the Flash demo to see how it works. Suffice to say that if you enjoy being able to press Control-J in a PeopleSoft page to learn which definitions is being used so that you can then open it in Application Designer, then you’ll really like this.


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4 Replies to “New Tool for PeopleSoft Application Developer Productivity”

  1. No need for 3 tier. 2 tier will work as well.

    It’ll actually work as far back as PeopleTools 7.

  2. Cool stuff! This could save a lot of trips back and forth between the browser and the PSIDE. I especially like the ERI drill down feature.

    how are you guys passing the info back to the app designer? (does it have to be running in 3 tier btw?) I don’t want you to give away your secrets, but I’m still curious 😉

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