Related Content Feature in PeopleTools 8.5

By Larry Grey • December 10, 2009

As part of the Social Networking webinar we gave yesterday as part of our PeopleSoft virtual user group meetings, we spent a lot of time discussing how the new Related Content feature in PeopleTools 8.5 facilitates collaboration and social networking within PeopleSoft.

Cool. What is it?

Well, related content is a new Portal frame that is delivered within PeopleTools (just as the navigation frame is a Portal frame delivered within PeopleTools). It allows contextual content related to your page to be displayed at the bottom of the page. Many of the demonstrations you’ll see from Oracle highlight content from the Enterprise Portal or Analytics (OBIEE), such as the following

  • Blog
  • Wiki
  • Tags
  • Discussions
  • OBIEE Report

However, you can put pretty much anything that you want there as long as it has the following:

  • A URL way of accessing it that returns an HTML page
  • Query strings as a means of passing the parameters you want (i.e. a question mark in the URL with name1=value1&name2=value2 syntax.
  • It’s a standard PeopleSoft page
  • It’s a standard PeopleSoft Query.

Example page with Related Content

Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about. You’ll notice that this page, the performance document selection page in HCM9.1 has a “related information” link with the other portal links in the upper right. In this circumstance, we’ve attached 3 different types of related content that either take key fields, system variables (such as current user or current page), or hard-coded literals).

Because we’ve been doing a lot of version control demonstrations recently, we thought it would be nice to show how you could link your version control tool directly into your transaction pages.

The first example is to show a WIKI page related to the content displayed. Although the Enterprise Portal provides a complimentary license for using its WIKI related to your PeopleSoft application, we’re using our version control WIKI here, where we keep development notes and other information related to the current page or business process.

Or, you could do a search to find information related to what’s being displayed. In this circumstance, we’re using a custom search created in Google that looks at online PeopleBooks, common PeopleSoft websites, blogs, and bulletin boards to return results.

Or, you could display tickets related to what’s being displayed, such as those in the Grey Sparling Version Control product for PeopleSoft.

Setting up a new related content service

There are two pieces to setting this up.

  • The first is to create a service definition that identifies the source of the related content as well as the set of parameters that are needed for it.
  • The second is to attach that service to each component where it will be displayed and to map values into the parameters required for the service definition.

In this example, we’ll create a service definition for a query that lists out the set of employees you have as a manager. The service definition can be create at PeopleTools > Portal > Related Content Service > Define Related Content Service.

Because we chose a query with a single bind required for it, that is the only one that shows up in the list. One thing to note, is that the service can only pass in query strings (it cannot use data to create the main part of the URL. Also, you have to create a parameter for every name=value in the URL, even if it’s always going to be the same. Although it would be nice to set a default value here, you will need to provide the literal value mapping when you attach the service to each component using it. In our google search example, we needed to pass the id of the custom search as a query string as well as the search value as a separate parameter, even though we will always be using the same custom search.

Attaching related content to a component

Now that we have our service definition, let’s put it in use. To do this, you navigate to at PeopleTools > Portal > Related Content Service > Manage Related Content Service. If you choose to assign a service to a component, you will be taken to a page to use the Portal structure to identify what page you want to work on.

Then, you attach the related content services you want to use

Next, you identify where you want to source each parameter that the service requires

Finally, you identify the key field, variable, or value to pass in for that parameter. In this circumstance, we’re passing the current User’s EMPLID into the query as the Supervisor ID, which is why we chose a session variable as the source type in the prior step.

TADA!! You’re done!!

If you go back to the page, you’ll see the new related content. You may notice that the query that we’ve linked also utilize a new feature in PeopleTools 8.5, Query Drilling URLs. This will allow you to navigate from the query to content related to it as well.

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11 Replies to “Related Content Feature in PeopleTools 8.5”

  1. “Related Information” Link still does not display – already had company domain in Authentication Domain field – (ran trace and SQL to get Related Info appears – but does not display) any assistance would be appreciated.

  2. I did the following and now related content works for me.

    === ODM Solution / Action Plan ===
    Accordin to Doc ID 984855.1, you need the authtoken in webprofile
    1. Navigate to Peopletools > Web Profile > Web Profile Configuration
    2. Add you company domain to the Authentication Domain field
    3. Bounce the webserver
    4. Retest the issue.
    5. Migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments.

    Note: The authtoken domain should have been set during the Peoplesoft installation. So for more information about your company domain, please contact your Installation Admin or Webserver Admin

  3. The “Related Information” link is not available in the page. Anyone have a solution for this? Thanks. – Cory

  4. I did all the required setup.But the “Related Information” link is not available in the page .How do we get the link.Is there any setup for that or i am missing any security setting.
    An urgent help is required.

  5. Hello.

    Your images seem to be broken. Can you please update the source so that we can follow along?


  6. Hi Larry,

    I followed your instruction of make a related content with query, but when I click the link, the page cannot come out and error shows “Authorization Error — Contact your Security Administrator”.Can you tell me what should I do to resolve it? Thank you!!

  7. Hi larry,
    In all my page ,I can’t see any “Related Information” link on it.Could this need some extra configeration? Please kindly help me ,thank you!!

  8. Hi Larry,

    Could you please help me with any information regarding these…
    – How Peoplesoft Tools would work with Blogging tools or Event Notification tools?
    – Which blogging tools they recommend us to use?
    – How PeopleSoft blogging application works?

    Appreciate your help.


  9. Hi Larry,

    I get to the point where service name appears under related content link of assigned component but the actual page doesn’t come up. Could you suggest what I missed? Thanks.

  10. Hi Larry,

    Nice Demonstration of Related Content..

    Can you post hw th Blogs will be created PS 8.5


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