Product Update: Accessibility Cart Demo

By Hendrix Bodden • December 22, 2015

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Product Demo: Approvals Workflow

By Hendrix Bodden • October 6, 2015

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Product Demo: Expense Report Creation

By Hendrix Bodden • October 4, 2015

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Customer Focus: UNC Chapel Hill and Verizon Webinar Series

By Hendrix Bodden • September 18, 2015

Back by popular demand, join GreyHeller for its Fall Customer Focus Webinar Series to learn more about our customers’ Security and Mobile projects.  Learn how:
  • 9/30 UNC Chapel Hill Thwarts Cybercrime with ERP Firewall
  • 10/13 Verizon Makes PeopleSoft HCM Responsive with PeopleMobile®

Check out the details below!


9/30 UNC Chapel Hill Thwarts Cybercrime with ERP Firewall Presenter:  Sharron Bouquin, Auxiliary Applications Manager, Enterprise Applications 11am PST / 2pm EST

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill utilizes the GreyHeller Application Firewall to enhance application security and protect valuable data assets.  The intelligence provided by the GreyHeller Application Firewall enabled an invaluable shift in mindset from being reactive to proactively planning security measures. 

This webinar will focus on the steps the university took to:

  • Stop administrative users from insecurely accessing sensitive data
  • Protect against specific browser flaws like cross-site scripting and URL spoofing
  • Protect high profile departments
  • Increase actionable intelligence about end users behavior allowing knowledgeable business decisions
  • Lower their risk profile by implementing critical data protection rules across all development and production systems
  • Increase ROI by enabling increased end user satisfaction by securely delivering self-service and mobile access



10/13 Verizon Makes PeopleSoft HCM Responsive with PeopleMobile® Presenter:  David Kelly, Director Systems Architecture at Verizon 11am PST / 2pm EST

This session will discuss how Verizon was able to provide mobile / responsive self service access to its 170,000+ workforce within a 4 month implementation timeframe.  This presentation will cover:

  • Overview of Verizon’s highly customized environment
  • Key Use Cases
  • Types of mobile access
  • UI standards and requirements
  • Implementation methodology
  • Lessons learned


For more information or to schedule a private demo, please contact us.

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Tips and Techniques

What is True Responsiveness?

By Jennifer Goncalves • September 16, 2015

Designed to intelligently move functionality based on available real estate, transforming the user experience.

What is True Responsiveness? Your employees and constituents expect to be able to do everything on their mobile device that they would on their desktop without compromising functionality: finding a contact, applying for a job, reviewing their pay stub, enrolling in a class, enrolling in benefits, or make a payment.

Read on to see examples of true responsiveness in action.

iPhone in portrait view vs. iPad

Let’s look at the weekly class schedule in Campus Solutions on two form factors: iPhone in portrait view vs. iPad.

In the header bar the “Week of” identification moves below on the mobile device because there isn’t enough real estate. On the iPad it extends across the page based on the same logic.

In the example above, the real estate allows for 2 columns of the class schedule on the iPhone while displaying 4 columns on tablet. Responsiveness design is not dependent on device type and instead flows intelligently based on available real estate.

Indicator dots appear when the entire week is not visible. The reason for this is because responsive design is not about making content smaller to fit on a page, but instead, to rearrange it and present it in a useful manner to the end user.

In both of these examples the action buttons are fixed to the bottom of the screen, and visible at all times, to minimize vertical scrolling.

As you’ll notice, new device size doesn’t matter because breakpoints move fluidly based on the content.

iPhone vs. Desktop

This is how the desktop view changes based upon available real estate on a desktop computer.

As the screen becomes larger, you are able to see more at one time so the action buttons are relocated to the bottom right hand side of the screen. Additionally, in the desktop view, the navigation is expanded

The “Week of” identification reflows based on real estate.

The hamburger menu is collapsed when there is lesser real estate, but ever present when there is more space.

The action buttons are fixed to the bottom of the screen to minimize vertical scrolling on smaller devices.

Indicator dots appear when the entire week is not visible. With larger views the entire week is visible and therefore the indicator dots and arrows are not present.

Bringing back the submenu navigation

True responsiveness is not stripping out functionality for smaller form factors.

For example, earlier versions of our Campus Solutions user experience eliminated the navigation tabs that are present throughout PeopleSoft Campus Solutions to save real estate.

Due to feedback from our customers, we reintroduced this functionality in a way that moved it out of the way but made it available when desired.

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Tips and Techniques

CarolinaGo Mobile App Single Day Downloads Hit 2,000

By Hendrix Bodden • August 31, 2015

According to Kate Hash, Manager of ITS Communications at UNC Chapel Hill, “Up until Friday, our largest download month had been 600 downloads of the app. On Friday alone, we had 2,000. It is clear that ConnectCarolina is adding a value to the app and that the students are now discovering the app because they want to use ConnectCarolina.”

Check out the full article on dailytarheel.com to learn more about how UNC mobilized and transformed PeopleSoft using PeopleMobile®.  Read more

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GreyHeller at Collaborate15- Las Vegas

By Hendrix Bodden • March 31, 2015

GreyHeller is thrilled to showcase our Mobile and Security solutions at Collaborate 2015. From announcing new partnerships, to launching your institution’s mobile strategy, to practical ways to protect your ERP systems, we’ll be available to demo our solutions and answer your questions.  

Turn your employees into fans of your PeopleSoft application. PeopleMobile® provides a modern, easy to use experience that your employees will love.

  • Provide a beautiful mobile and desktop experience that matches your brand identity
  • “Plug and Play” your PeopleSoft content with mobile applications and portals
  • Transform any of PeopleSoft’s 6,000 pages, including customizations
  • Implement quickly and easily using your existing PeopleSoft version and infrastructure
  • Leverage your employees’ existing PeopleSoft skills for implementation and support

Key Features

  • Responsive Design
  • Automatically transforms any PeopleSoft page
  • Adapts to customizations and new PeopleSoft releases
  • Compatible with PeopleTools 8.45 and greater

Protect and secure your organization and your PeopleSoft investment. ERP Firewall mitigates internal and external risks while lowering total cost of ownership.

  • Control access outside the perimeter
  • Reduce or eliminate data leakage
  • Protect against compromised credentials
  • Empower security administrators with visibility into system use including incident response
  • Protect against misuse of personal information for high profile students by administrators

Key Features

  • Data Masking
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Location Based Security
  • VIP Data Protection
  • Delegate Access
  • Logging & Analysis

Visit booth 636 at Collaborate 2015 for more information on our Mobile and Security solutions and to check out how our products work with our partners’ solutions: GreyHeller + Modo Labs and GreyHeller + Duo Security.

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