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The Big Disconnect

By Hendrix Bodden • April 7, 2015

Is is ignorance? The ostrich strategy? Breach fatigue?

Whatever, the data are mind-boggling.

In a recent Raytheon-Ponemon survey of 1006 CIO, CISO’s and senior IT leaders, 78 percent said that their boards of directors hadn’t received a briefing on their companies’ cybersecurity strategy in the previous 12 months and 66 percent think that leadership doesn’t see cybersecurity as a strategic priority.

Whatever the cause, this signals a huge disconnect between CISOs and other C-level executives around investing in security technology.

Even as reports of attacks make headlines almost daily, executives struggle to view security investments as prudent. As a result, a lot of security technology ends up sitting on a shelf.

To answer my own questions – I believe it’s all three but that the tide is slowly turning in our favor (even as Auburn University reports more than 364k student records were breached).

There isn’t a one-size-fits all security solution. CISO’s are challenged with stitching together a security fabric while convincing CEO’s and Boards that their organization hasn’t spent enough on security.

As for GreyHeller, we’re out there slaying the dragons one PeopleSoft customer at a time, implementing the most robust set of security solutions available to protect ERP sensitive data….Data Masking. 2-Factor Authentication. Location-Based Security. High Privileged User Access Control. VIP Access Protection. Delegate Access Control. Logging. Analytics.


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