Using PeopleSoft Performance Monitor

By Larry Grey • July 8, 2009

I had a question the other day about getting going with PeopleSoft Performance Monitor so I thought I’d post a quick roundup/summary of the various material out there. For those that don’t know, Performance Monitor is included with PeopleTools since PeopleTools 8.44. There’s a little bit to learn on setting it up / understanding it, but it’s a great tool and well worth learning. Documentation. You’ll certainly want to have the Performance Monitor PeopleBook handy while going through setting up Performance Monitor. Presentations. Back in April Oracle had an Oracle Advisor webcast on the setup and configuration of Performance Monitor. Here is the recording of that (Customer Connection/Metalink/My Oracle Support login required). Lorne Kaufman of System Efficiency gave a great session at Collaborate this year about setting up Performance Monitor. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a link to the actual presentation anywhere. We’ll have to hassle Lorne about that. David Kurtz of Go-Faster Consultancy has a nice selection of Performance Monitor presentations on his website. He also has a few different blog entries with tips and techniques on Performance Monitor. Those include some performance tuning tips for Performance Monitor itself which he figured out by having Performance Monitor monitor itself 🙂 He also mentions some issues that they had in a large scale environment where Performance Monitor was handling 20-30 million rows of history data each week! Good stuff. Performance Monitor enhancements. Brent Martin of ERP Associates has a writeup on their blog about how to get Performance Monitor to send emails when certain conditions are triggered. Performance Monitor incidents Here are some quick searches for Performance Monitor incidents by PeopleTools release.
  • 8.49
  • 8.48
  • 8.47
  • 8.46

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