How San Joaquin County Overcame PeopleSoft Security Challenges to Provide Mobile Access

By June 27, 2019 Webinar

Start Time : 1:00 pm CST 11:00 am PST
End Time : 2:00 PM CST 12:00pm PST

San Joaquin County is constantly reviewing and updating its Cybersecurity Strategy as part of its comprehensive enterprise plan. This includes ERP data security at all levels – including inside of specific transactions.

The County is moving to allow mobile access to PeopleSoft, and with that, security concerns are heightened. Of particular concern is what data is being accessedwho is accessing it, and where is access coming where? 

Join Kas Kurmis of San Joaquin County as he discusses how the County was able take their ERP strategy deeper into the application, strengthen their security posture, and securely roll-out mobile transactions.

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