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By Larry Grey • March 23, 2011

Today, we had a great turnout for our Best Practices in Automaticng your Supply Chain testing.

One of the areas of interest was automating the population and analysis of testing results from PeopleTools 8.51 testing framework. In addition to showing the testing tool itself, we showed what data exists in the tables that are used by the tool. This allows organizations to do the following:

  • Run Reports to show test results
  • Load test data from spreadsheets
  • Stage test scripts from application data, specifically creating looping scenarios from data that exists elsewhere

Cool. Show me the good Stuff

So, here is the list of tables and the categories that they fall under


PSPTTSTOPTIONS Identifies the profiles of high level signon infromation for the test framework

Test Definition

PSPTTSTDEFN Identifies the tests and the folder in which the test is organized
PSPTTSTCOMMAND Identifies each step of a test case

Test Data (“Test Case”)

PSPTTSTCASE Header table for test cases
PSPTTSTCASEVAL The detail data for each test case – data values for each command/step

Test Log

PSPTTSTLOG_LIST The header table for the logs of test case runs. Identifies the test, the test case, and the high level results.
PSPTTSTLOG_LNS The detail results of each step of a test case run
PSPTTSTLOG_IMG Stores image captures of each page when a test step is logged as failing
PSPTTSTLOG_OPTS Stores the options used to run a test, such as URL and user id.
PSPTTSTLOG_XTRA Stores information about the environment that was used to run a specific test (part of log)

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