Enable Complience and Audit

Achieve complete visibility over data acces. Leverage actionable insights and automate critical compliance audit function

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Advanced Threat Protection

Protect ERP data from external and internal threats. Integrate solutions designedto prevent unwanted exposure and data breaches.

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Control User Access

Reduce risks from unauthorized data access. Strenthen policies designed to ensure business integrity..

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ERP Data is Exposed to a Myriad of Risks

Traditional, on-premise ERP applications fall short of providing the data security needed to prevent today’s threats. Security and compliance gaps can load to expensive data breaches and business policy violations that disrupt your organization and lead to financial losses. The Aspian Security Platform is designed to mitigate risks by enhancing your ability to authenticate users, control access to data, and monitor & respond to potential threats.

That’s why hundreds of organizations trust Appsian to protect the ERP data that runs the core of their business

Expand ERP Access with Confidence

Users demand mobile access, but the exposure of sensitive data can lead organizations to feel apprehensive. Enabling mobile ERPcaccess can pose unique challenges due to compromised user credentials, priviledge access management, data exfiltration on to unauthorized devices, managing internal governance policies and many more.

Traditional network and application security is not enough to mitigate risks when WRP access is ubiwuitous. Fortunately, fine-grained solutions can be integrated- thus, enabling organizations to center their security policies on specific data elements. With Appsian, you can enhance user productivity without compromising data security.

Prevent Successful Hacking/Phishing Attacts

81% of hacking attacks involve stolen credentials. After gaining access to a user’s credentials, hackers can move freely inside your ERP application (s). As a result, sensitive information like social security and direct deposit numbers can be stolen with ease.This threat becomes far greather if the intruder obtains a high-privilege credential

given traditional ERP application like peopleSoft rely primarily on a Username and password securitymodel , security can be challenging. This is why many organization are turning to Appsian’s Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sing- On solution to enhance the identity and autentication process for PeopleSoft.

Enforce Segregation of Duties

Comprehensive Segregation of Duties (SoD) controls are a cornerstone of compliance in ERP applications. Strong governance policies are essential for avoiding conflicts in high value transactions.

Unfortunately, managing these controls can be chalenging because auditing and reporting are typically manual, time consuming tasks. And maintaining consistent SoD controls can be an uphill battle, as users’ roles and permissions change often. Given the growing volume and complexity of ERP data, current approaches are becoming unscalable and increasingly costly.

Strengthen Acess Policy
Management And Enforcement

As access rules grow in complexity, a (static) roles-based authorization model is reaching its limitations. One-off role derivations have created a “role-explosion” – adding complexity and overhead to role provisioning and management. Enforcing access controls beyond a user’s role, down to a field-value level, requires unscalable customization.

Enforcing governance policies aligned to global trade regulations, segregation of suties, or the segregation of access between different business unitsrequires an attribute-based layer in addtion to standard role-based controls.

Customer Success

Hundreds of organizations arround the world trust Appsian to secure their business-critical ERP applications and deliver an exceptional user experience.

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