APAC: PeopleSoft SAML Integration

Fastest Path to Single Sign-On

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July 21, 2020

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8:30am IST / 11:00am AWST / 12:30pm ACST / 1:00pm AEST / 3:00pm NZST

Now more than ever, enterprise IT projects require lean implementation timelines and a clear alignment to business goals. For creating a Single Sign-On for PeopleSoft, many undergo custom projects that add complexity, do not scale and have increasing support costs over time – this is NOT recommended.

Appsian has developed a SAML integration layer that seamlessly connects identity providers with enterprise SSO solutions. Thus, saving organizations the time and money required to create a Single Sign-On for PeopleSoft – with 100% project success. All in the most rapid timeline available in the market (2 weeks on average.)

Join us for a discussion and demonstration around the most sought after PeopleSoft project – a seamless, secure, configurable Single Sign-On. Fully scalable and fully aligned to your current and future PeopleSoft objectives.

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Greg Sosna

Technical Account Manager


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