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Your organization needs to be in a constant and vigilant state of security when it comes to monitoring ERP data access and usage. Unfortunately,  legacy ERP systems simply do not provide organizations the granular visibility and context of user access and data usage they need in real-time to make proactive and strategic decisions. This lack of visibility and reliance on static controls to ensure your most critical data isn’t compromised means that many organizations are flying blind. 
Appsian360 delivers crystal clear, actionable insights that fully enable strong ERP data security and compliance. You get a 360-degree view of what is happening in your legacy ERP as well as full visibility into exactly how your data is being accessed – by whom, from where, on what, and why. From there, you can map out a targeted incident response before damages become catastrophic.    
  • Monitor User Activity During Remote Access 
  • Monitor High Privilege Access 
  • Monitor for Data Exfiltration on Unauthorized Devices 
  • Monitor Access to Highly Sensitive Data 
  • Monitor Team Efficiency and Uncover Bottlenecks 
  • Perform Forensic Investigations with Context 

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