[PeopleSoft Innovation Summit] Secure and Modernize PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud

Improve Automation, Security, Performance, and Lifecycle Management for PeopleSoft with Oracle Cloud

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For PeopleSoft customers today, the question is not why, but when and how quickly they should move to Oracle Cloud to take advantage of the enterprise-class infrastructure and platform services that Oracle has purpose-built for PeopleSoft applications.

With Cloud Manager, Database Cloud Service, Autonomous Database, Digital Assistant, Integration Cloud and Analytics Cloud, PeopleSoft customers can have their cake and eat it too. Customers across industries and market segments have moved PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and have, on average, seen a 30% reduction in TCO, 50% increase in performance and 70% reduction in lifecycle management effort.

Hear how you can plan your PeopleSoft Lift and Shift to Oracle Cloud and what lessons are to be learned from others who have succeeded before you.

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Arvind Rajan


Astute Business Solutions

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