HIUG Presents: Enable a Secure Migration to Oracle Cloud (OCI)

Balance High Quality Care While Reducing IT Costs

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September 1, 2020

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11:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM CDT

Delivering high-quality patient care, while seeking to simultaneously reduce costs has led many PeopleSoft healthcare customers to pursue a migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI.) At the same time, concerns about data privacy and protection of employee PII is also of the utmost importance. Many healthcare organizations find themselves asking these questions while they consider hosting PeopleSoft in the cloud:

  • How can I ensure authentication into PeopleSoft is as strong as possible?
  • How can I ensure access to business-critical data and employee PII remains secure?
  • How can I maintain granular levels of visibility and oversight?

This is why Astute Business Solutions has partnered with PeopleSoft data security leader, Appsian. Astute enables PeopleSoft customers to effectively plan, migrate, integrate and manage their business-critical applications on OCI – while Appsian can integrate the modern data security and compliance solutions required to combat a myriad of threats.

Join us and learn how this partnership is the gold standard for enabling PeopleSoft data security on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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Greg Wendt

Executive Director Security Solutions


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Joe Finlinson

Chief Technology Officer

Astute Business Solutions

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