Least Privilege 2.0: SAP Security in the Digital Era

Addressing Risk in Dynamic User Access Environments

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July 30, 2020

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11:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM CDT

A lot has changed since SAP’s security model was initially designed. Static roles and authorizations made sense in a static environment – risk was contained within your four walls, from 9am to 5pm. Then came laptops and smartphones, widespread internet access, and a distributed workforce throughout the world. 

The old approach to least privileged access in SAP is failing. Focusing on only two dimensions, the “Who” (users and user groups) and the “What” (roles and authorizations), leaves organizations vulnerable to today’s top security threats. 

New ERP players (like Workday) have realized this.  Modern security policies now include the ability to adjust user privileges based on risk context, such as access via the company network vs remote. 

In this session, join the SAP Security experts at Appsian as they discuss how SAP ERP customers can address the third dimension to user access risks: the “When”.  Attendees will learn why the context of access is critical to SAP security and how organizations can take steps to minimize their risk exposure. 

Join us as we:

  • Review how the context of SAP risk has evolved
  • Learn ways to strengthen Least Privilege in your SAP environment
  • Show context-based security controls in action 
  • Explore the additional benefits context-based controls can offer in dynamic access environments 

Presented by :

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Greg Wendt

Executive Director Security Solutions


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Rajesh Rengarethinam

VP of Engineering (SAP)


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