PeopleSoft Single Sign-On (SSO) – Get a Demo!

Turnkey Integration with SAML Identity Providers: ADFS, Azure AD, OKTA, etc. in 2 weeks! No Added Customizations

PeopleSoft lacks native SAML support, so implementing an “off-the-shelf” Single Sign-On like OKTA and Ping Identity can present challenges. This typically results in PeopleSoft being isolated from an organization’s identity and access management strategy – resulting in possible security risks.

Appsian addresses this PeopleSoft SSO challenge by delivering the SAML integration layer required to connect PeopleSoft, an Identity Provider, and your enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO.)

  • Eliminates PeopleSoft login if user already authenticated with IdP
  • Facilitates deep link navigation without re-authentication
  • Eliminate customizations that are fragile and require constant maintenance
  • Enables organizations to leverage multiple IdPs
  • True, natively integrated SSO – implemented in less than 30 days without adding customizations

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