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SSO, MFA, Dynamic Authorization, & Analytics

PeopleSoft’s security model can leave you exposed to data risks. Appsian helps you protect PeopleSoft data using a layered security model to close the gaps, expand access, and enhance logging and analytics. 
Appsian delivers the native integration to implement Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication solutions at application and transaction layers. This strengthens how users authenticate and prevent common external threats like phishing, brute force attacks, and exploitation of application misconfigurations. 
You can differentiate access privileges using dynamic authorization and access controls, ensuring over-privileged users cannot perform unauthorized activity and under-privileged users are not restricted. Fully align all privileges with the context of access for ‘risk-aware’ control over ERP data. 
Appsian360 allows you to monitor your networks for suspicious activity and provides detailed insights regarding how, when, and by whom transactions and data fields are being accessed. It delivers granular, real-time data access & usage insights that proactively alert you to security and compliance threats. 
  • Enable PeopleSoft SSO with SAML-Based IdPs 
  • Dynamically Deploy MFA At Login & Inside PeopleSoft 
  • Reduce Attack Surface with Least Privileged Access 
  • Gain Direct Visibility into PeopleSoft User Activity 
  • Perform Forensic Investigations with Full Context 

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