[PeopleSoft Innovation Summit] Building Future Facing Access Management

Solutions for On Premise and Hybrid Data Centers

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September 24, 2020

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11:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM CST

While the overwhelming majority of business transformation and technology modernization initiatives are focused on moving significant workloads to cloud infrastructures and platforms, most organizations will continue to operate a combination of data centers, private-cloud and public-cloud resources for the foreseeable future.

Heterogeneous environments introduce a high level of complexity and risk, as well as greater user expectations around their login experiences. This helps explain why 72% of IT professionals in a recent Thales survey believe that policy-based access management is the future of access security.

Join us in this session to hear how together, Thales and Appsian, allow organizations to apply smart single sign-on, contextual authentication and MFA to on-prem apps such as PeopleSoft as well as cloud services.

Presented by :

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Asaf Lerner

Director of IAM Solutions Americas

Thales Group

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Eric Risheill

Channel Sales Manager - Identity & Access Management

Thales Group

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