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To maximize your PeopleSoft investment, it is essential to provide secure, mobile access while ensuring the user experience promotes productivity and overall “ease of use.” Appsian solutions for PeopleSoft give you the best of both worlds – modern, robust data security with a user experience expertly designed with usability in mind.

Protect PeopleSoft against Phishing, Brute Force Attacks, Payroll Diversion, Data Leakage, and More

Security Platform delivers comprehensive solutions for PeopleSoft secure access, identity management, threat management/remediation, and analytics. Integrated directly into the PeopleSoft web server with no added customizations or complexity:

  • Single Sign-On – Integrate SAML identity providers to create secure, single-point access
  • Multi-Factor Authentication – Integrate MFA technology (ex. Duo Security) at login/field/page/component levels of the application and force stepped up challenges based on context of access
  • Real-Time Analytics – Visually rich dashboards displaying user access data
  • Location-Based Security – Establish “where” a user is requesting access from and control access accordingly
  • Transaction Logging – Log transaction-level data, detailing user activity
  • Data Masking – Rules-based, partial/full masking based on context of access


Contextually Aware Contextually Aware

Contextually Aware

Combat Insider Threats Combat Insider Threats

Combat Insider Threats

Effective Threat Management Effective Threat Management

Effective Threat Management

Reduce Complexity Reduce Complexity

Reduce Complexity

By leveraging a sophisticated rules engine, Security Platform gives you the freedom to dynamically control access based on context (role, data type, device, location, etc.) You can now take into consideration who a person is, where they are coming from, and what they’re trying to do when determining the most effective security controls.

There are no real-time analytics solutions for PeopleSoft in the market today, as most of the work is done by security teams leveraging manual processes.

In cases where transaction data is exposed, the activity is captured by Appsian’s Security platform, analyzed, and alerts are sent to your security team in order to initiate a remediation workflow.

By eliminating the manual processes that come with auditing and ensuring data security in PeopleSoft, Appsian’s Security platform allows security teams to focus their resources on strategic initiatives.

Security Platform for PeopleSoft – Data Sheet

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