Preventing Peoplesoft Breaches: Recommendations For Providing Complete Data Security

Protect your organization from the sophisticated threats putting your ERP data at risk

The common denominator for ERP data breaches is the threats tend to be user-centric. User credentials are compromised, users inadvertently leak data and users violate their designated roles & privileges. All of these threats are extremely hard to prevent and even harder to detect – meaning, perimeter security isn’t nearly enough to protect PeopleSoft data.

Appsian, an ERP data security leader, has released their latest report defining the best practices for implementing layered security solutions directly into PeopleSoft. Helping your organization protect against the myriad of user-centric threats, putting your organization at risk.

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Appsian’s Unique Benefits

Granular Oversight

Our best of breed Appsian’s Security Platform allows you to leverage a robust rules engine that embeds access controls at the field/page/component levels of the application(s). Thus creating the most granular user data oversights available on the market today

Rapid Implementation

Our solutions are lightweight with implementations taking a small fraction of time compared to most IT projects. Many security implementations take less than 30 days (avg.)

Zero Customizations

Our solutions plug directly into the PeopleSoft web server, meaning there are ZERO additional customizations to maintain. In fact, our solutions allow you to eliminate some existing customizations.

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