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Validate user access to combat phishing attacks and malicious intruders


81% of hacking attacks involve stolen credentials. Once a valid credential is obtained, a hacker is free to roam in your PeopleSoft systems, taking their time to steal personally identifiable information, install malware, or alter direct deposit account information to re-direct paychecks/bonuses. This threat becomes far greater if the intruder is able to obtain a high-privilege user’s credential.

Preventing intruders in your PeopleSoft systems can be challenging, as PeopleSoft leverages a security model based on User ID and Password. Meaning, a credential in the wrong hands can leave you exposed to a myriad of threats!

Key Challenges

Phishing Attacks Phishing Attacks

Phishing Attacks

Access Control Access Control

Access Control

High Privilege Misuse High Privilege Misuse

High Privilege Misuse

Why is phishing such a problem? Because it works! Phishing/Spear Phishing attacks are the leading case of breaches. These attacks are sophisticated, meticulously planned, and strategically executed leaving you little time to react

Hackers can crack the encryption key of the PS_TOKEN in order to bypass the authentication process

PeopleSoft does not provide control over what functionality is available on your secure network vs. the open internet. Privilege is determined by role, not by how and where the system is being accessed

After successful authentication, a high-privilege credential can be misused to run reports/queries. This is why privilege misuse from insiders can be very costly and why high-privilege credentials are the most coveted by hackers

Key Features

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On

Administrators can simplify the user login process while achieving greater user engagement and enhanced security compliance. Appsian’s PeopleSoft Single Sign-On integrates natively within PeopleSoft to enable SAML assertions without additional hardware or customizations.  Once authenticated is granted, users gain single sign-on access throughout PeopleSoft applications. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

Appsian partners with multiple MFA providers to embed MFA functionality within the PeopleSoft system at the login/field/page/component level. Appsian’s MFA solution leverages a robust rules engine that contextually determines when an additional authentication challenge is required

Location-Based Security

Location-Based Security

Appsian leverages the principle of least privilege, giving you the ability to customize your users’ experience based on the network (secure vs. unfamiliar) they are requesting access from. Whether limiting access to specific PeopleSoft transactions or downgrading privilege to a specific credential – Appsian gives you full control to determine what your users do when they access PeopleSoft outside your secure network

Appsian Security Solutions are Trusted By

We started looking at the product [PeopleSoft] and what we had today in terms of security and we realized there were some gaps.– Matthew Scott, IT Director Penn State University

We started looking at the product [PeopleSoft] and what we had today in terms of security and we realized there were some gaps. – Matthew Scott, IT Director Penn State University

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