Governance, Risk and Compliance

Comply with regulations and enforce corporate policies

In an effort to maintain ownership over one’s personally identifiable information (PII), regulatory bodies have begun enforcing mandates that dictate how organizations can handle and process PII.

With the increasing focus on PII accountability, it is essential that organizations review their security infrastructure, and optimize internal policies to minimize risk factors. Regulations like GDPR and The California Consumer Privacy Act pose an excellent opportunity for organizations to fortify their data by enforcing strict access policies – especially for applications like PeopleSoft that contain sensitive data on hundreds of pages.

To comply with regulations, establish robust governance policies, and ensure effective oversight organizations must provide security teams with advanced monitoring and remediation functionality like granular access logging and visualized analytics.

Key Challenges

Credential Misuse Credential Misuse

Credential Misuse

Limited logging Limited logging

Limited logging

Reporting Limitations Reporting Limitations

Reporting Limitations

PeopleSoft has limited provisions to mask or redact sensitive data fields. As a result, high privilege credentials can be leveraged to access, obtain, share or generally misuse sensitive data – putting you at risk of compliance violations.

Native PeopleSoft logs only record as credentials log in/out of various applications. This does not include granular detail into what data fields are being accessed, who is accessing it, and the location of access. Thus, making audits a manual, time consuming process.

Under data protection regulations (ex. GDPR), reporting a data breach or responding to specific audit requests must be done within a stipulated amount of time. However, tracking specific events in security logs, or manually analyzing them can be time-consuming – putting organizations at risk of non-compliance.

Key Features

Least Privilege Access

Least Privilege Access

Appsian’s Application Security Platform combines user privilege, location, and transaction context to provide selective access, thus extending the protection of PeopleSoft’s native security to an individual page/component/field level.

User Activity Logging

Appsian’s Application Security Platform offers comprehensive event logging that comprises of page/component/field level access data. These logs record granular details on what data was accessed, where it was accessed from, associated user ids and IP address, and more.

Integrated Analytics

Integrated Analytics

PeopleSoft Analytics by Appsian visualizes granular access logs on visually rich dashboards. The dashboards are equipped with advanced segregation and deep drill-down capabilities that empower security teams to quickly identify, investigate, and rapidly respond to potential security threats. Furthermore, by fast-tracking investigation and analysis of breaches, organizations can adhere to regulatory timelines and stay in compliance with internal governance policies along with external regulations.

Governance, Risk and Compliance – Solution Brief

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