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Conquering the SAML Challenge in PeopleSoft

Administrators have turned to centralized Identity Access Management (IAM) systems to administer password controls as the scope of password management has expanded. With Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality becoming a “must have” for enterprise application systems, the problem of effectively leveraging an SSO for PeopleSoft continues to be an issue.

The SSO challenge is unique to PeopleSoft – there is no native SAML support in order to communicate with identity providers – a fact that is typically discovered during implementation/testing of “off-the-shelf” SSO solutions. So how do organizations ensure that their PeopleSoft systems are a seamless, productive environment when PeopleSoft lacks native SAML functionality?

Key Challenges

No Native SAML Support No Native SAML Support

No Native SAML Support

Customizations and Complexity Customizations and Complexity

Customizations and Complexity

Weak Password Controls Weak Password Controls

Weak Password Controls

Database Provisioning Database Provisioning

Database Provisioning

User Demands User Demands

User Demands

PeopleSoft lacks the SAML technology necessary to communicate with an ID provider. Simulating this functionality requires customizations

Either creating customizations to simulate SAML communication or building an SSO from scratch adds significant complexity as customizations are typically costly, fragile, and require frequent maintenance

Enforcing strong password parameters in PeopleSoft is not possible unless you are leveraging your ID provider. Otherwise users may have multiple, weak passwords (for various PSFT applications) that are easy to crack.

Manually provisioning a database as users come and go in an organization is extremely time consuming

Login screens can halt a user’s progression through a workflow. Users waiting on password resets is a significant time waster in every organization

Key Features

Native SAML Support

Native SAML Support

Appsian is the only vendor offering an SSO solution with native SAML support, so organizations can leverage their current SAML ID providers without requiring customizations

Easy Administration

Configuration is browser-based and leverages a rules engine so administration is simple and streamlined. In addition, PeopleSoft account provisioning can be performed for streamlined maintenance.

Maintain strong access controls

Maintain strong access controls

The powerful rules engine allows you to control access based on location, role, and more – giving administrators the ability to enforce a strong, uniform access policy.

Identity and Access management – Solution Brief

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