PeopleSoft Performance Monitoring

Quickly Root Out Performance Issues in PeopleSoft

Application performance monitoring is key to delivering smooth, uninterrupted access and a quality user experience for end-users. Unfortunately, PeopleSoft lacks any practical (or quantitative) means of measuring performance in production environments. This leaves IT teams in the dark on application performance and forces them to be reactive to issues based on user support tickets.

Key Challenges
  • PeopleSoft does not record page usage data or provide any key performance indicators
  • The lack of actionable performance data can hurt the rollout of PeopleSoft upgrades
  • Issues are only discovered by manual testing or end-user feedback
  • Information needed to quickly root out performance issues is missing
  • Support teams must manually determine if performance issues are rooted in the application, server, network or endpoint layer

Why Appsian?

Gain Application Performance Insights using Real-Time Analytics
Appsian Real-Time Analytics is a plug and play module for PeopleSoft. Combined with Appsian Security Platform’s granular activity logging, Real-Time Analytics offers deep visibility into PeopleSoft performance data, allowing customers to:

  • Easily monitor & maintain SLAs of PeopleSoft modules with interactive, visual dashboards
  • Fast-track support by proactively identifying high-priority issues
  • Visualize real-time page load speed categorized by user, device, location as well as IP address range, web server and application server
  • Drill down to investigate activity and usage trends that require immediate attention
  • Expedite root cause analysis using contextual access data tied to activity logs, including user location, IP address, device and browser

Configurable dashboards highlight real-time performance and usage KPIs to monitor PeopleSoft user activity within various application modules. Drill down capabilities further help with troubleshooting efforts to ensure organizations can deliver quality access to new and existing PeopleSoft functionality.


Performance Insights:

  • Top 10 slowing pages
  • Average page load times by: PPL level, Device, Application and Location
  • Drill down into performance by: Location, Browser, IP address, Server and more

Usage Insights:

  • Application type visits
  • After-hours access by application type
  • PPL level alerts
  • Page visits by location and PPL level
  • Works with PeopleSoft’s account provisioning
  • Rules to map token to PeopleSoft ID
  • Controls access based on identity provider claims or assertions, authentication location, and federated identity provider trust
  • Browser-based, easy administration

Root Out Performance Issues with Appsian Real-Time Analytics – Use Case

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