PeopleSoft Fluid UI Enablement

Ensure a Successful Adoption of PeopleSoft Fluid UI

Fluid UI represents Oracle’s strategic direction for PeopleSoft. Its introduction has left many PeopleSoft customers strategizing how they will successfully adopt Fluid given the added development skills (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) required. In addition, Oracle’s selective release of Fluid pages has resulted in many PeopleSoft customers considering how they can ensure a success adoption of Fluid when various transactions will still contain Classic and Classic Plus pages. 

In order to fully leverage your investment in PeopleSoft, adopting Fluid is essential. This is why organizations are turning to Appsian to enable their adoption project. Pairing Fluid with PeopleUX gives you the truly exceptional experience your users demand!

Key Challenges

Additional Development Skills Additional Development Skills

Additional Development Skills

Selective Roll-Out Selective Roll-Out

Selective Roll-Out

Existing Customizations Existing Customizations

Existing Customizations

Adaptive UI Adaptive UI

Adaptive UI

Development work in Fluid is executed in Application Designer, however skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are required. This can result in extended disruptions or requiring new skills to be sourced

Since Fluid pages are released each year, many transactions still feature a mix of Fluid, Classic and Classic Plus pages. Since each version looks and feels differently, an inconsistent user experience can occur resulting in user dissatisfaction

Over 95% of PeopleSoft customers have created customizations in various pages – these customizations must be rebuilt in Fluid, which can extend an adoption project’s timeline

Fluid is an adaptive UI, meaning it leverages pre-set form factors (small, medium, large, and extra-large) and finds the closest fit. With a wide-range of devices (with various sizes) on the market, this can result in pages not fitting certain screen parameters

Key Features

Learn how PeopleUX can ensure your organization’s successful adoption of PeopleSoft Fluid UI

Consistent UI/UX across all transactions

Consistent UI/UX across all transactions

PeopleUX optimizes 100% of PeopleSoft pages (including existing customizations), so you can take the look and feel of Fluid and extend it across all pages. Thus, providing a 100% consistent experience for your users. 

Mobile-Responsive UI

PeopleUX is a truly responsive UI, meaning a completely device agnostic experience. PeopleSoft will look exactly the way you want, no matter what device is being used

Rapid Implementation with ZERO Complexity

Rapid Implementation with ZERO Complexity

Additional development resources are not needed, as PeopleUX re-renders PeopleSoft’s existing HTML. PeopleUX plugs directly into the web server allowing for implementations that are a matter of weeks, not months.

PeopleSoft Fluid UI Enablement – Solution Brief

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