Simple, Secure SAML Authentication in PeopleSoft

Turnkey SAML SSO connector, designed for PeopleSoft

Identity Providers such as ADFS, Shibboleth, OKTA, Ping, and Azure all use the SAML standard. However, PeopleSoft lacks the support required to integrate with a SAML Identity Provider. As a result, PeopleSoft applications tend to be isolated from enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) strategies.

With (IdP-integrated) SSO becoming a requirement across all enterprise applications, organizations are struggling to include PeopleSoft. As an alternative, extensive customizations and home-grown solutions are being explored – both of which add unnecessary cost and complexity.

Key Challenges

No Native SAML Support No Native SAML Support

No Native SAML Support

Customizations and Complexity Customizations and Complexity

Customizations and Complexity

Weak Password Controls Weak Password Controls

Weak Password Controls

Database Provisioning Database Provisioning

Database Provisioning

User Demands User Demands

User Demands

PeopleSoft lacks the SAML technology necessary to communicate with an ID provider. Simulating this functionality requires customizations

Either creating customizations to simulate SAML communication or building an SSO from scratch adds significant complexity as customizations are typically costly, fragile, and require frequent maintenance

Enforcing strong password parameters in PeopleSoft is not possible unless you are leveraging your ID provider. Otherwise users may have multiple, weak passwords (for various PSFT applications) that are easy to crack.

Manually provisioning a database as users come and go in an organization is extremely time consuming

Login screens can halt a user’s progression through a workflow. Users waiting on password resets is a significant time waster in every organization

Why Appsian?

Appsian’s PeopleSoft SSO Connector solves this challenge by providing the only SAML integration layer for PeopleSoft. There is no other native SAML solution available in the market.

Appsian PeopleSoft SSO


  • Go-Live in as little as 7 days
  • Browser based configuration of your IdP’s SSO in PeopleSoft
  • No additional hardware or custom development required
  • Support multiple IdP’s concurrently for consolidated systems with separate user groups


  • Add-in is independent from PeopleSoft/PeopleTools updates
  • Stable, tested product used in hundreds of PeopleSoft environments with minimal maintenance
  • Fixed maintenance schedule with fixed costs


  • Full support team available 24/7 to assist with any challenges
  • Updated software packages made available to customers with each PeopleSoft update


Custom Development


  • Custom coding requiring specialized knowledge
  • Often requires additional hardware
  • Spinning up and connecting additional webserver with current environment


  • Additional workload for application management and development teams
  • Often fragile with continuous maintenance requirements
  • Risk of runaway costs; TCO can grow into uncertainty


  • No standardized support model
  • Requires highly technical skillsets familiar with the customization

Key Features

Native SAML Support

Any User, Any Device, Any SAML SSO Identity Provider

Enable PeopleSoft SAML 2.0 support to integrate with your existing Identity Provider and deliver the convenience of PeopleSoft single sign-on to any user, on any device. Plus, Appsian gives you the ability to switch Identity Providers (or use multiple) with ease vs. a customized solution.

Enhance Productivity, Secure Passwords, Reduce Costs

PeopleSoft SSO integration can enhance productivity by delivering a seamless environment to users, while mitigating the security threat that comes with relying on passwords for authentication. These strategies have proven to drastically reduce support and maintenance costs over the life of your PeopleSoft systems.

Maintain strong access controls

Rapid Deployment of PeopleSoft Single Sign On

Implementation of PeopleSoft Single Sign-On can be completed in as little as 7 days with no additional hardware or custom coding.

Appsian PeopleSoft SAML SSO Connector – Solution Brief

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