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Capture Granular User Activity Details with Enhanced PeopleSoft Logging

Today, organizations face an onslaught of user-centric threats. Phishing attacks were ranked the top threat action in breaches by Verizon’s 2019 DBIR – and internal threats are increasingly top of mind for security leaders. In addition, a new wave of data privacy mandates are holding organizations accountable – requiring direct visibility into the usage and activity around protected information.

Understanding user activity is the common denominator with all of these challenges. However, gaining visibility into user activity can be problematic for PeopleSoft customers.

Key Challenges

No Native SAML Support No Native SAML Support

Legacy Logging

Customizations and Complexity Customizations and Complexity

User-Centric Threats

Weak Password Controls Weak Password Controls

Missing Information

Database Provisioning Database Provisioning

Compliance Requirements

PeopleSoft’s logging capabilities were designed primarily for debugging and troubleshooting. Designed in an era before the proliferation of user-centric threats, these logs are missing the features necessary to address today’s evolved security and compliance requirements.

User-centric threats (i.e. insiders and credential exploits) are a growing problem which require a new-age solution. Without an obvious perimeter event signaling an intrusion, organizations must rely on detecting anomalous user activity inside PeopleSoft to address security incidents.

Without a complete audit trail of user activity, locating questionable transactions and discerning authorized vs. unauthorized behavior would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA have strictly defined guidelines for how personal data is stored, processed and used. Compliance now requires direct visibility into data usage and organizations must be able to rapidly respond to audit requests.

Why Appsian?

Its cliche, but true – knowledge is power. Without visibility and insight, you are simply hoping nothing negative happens. Appsian enables organizations to get deep insight into user activity with granular logging and analytics. After plugging directly into the PeopleSoft web server, our software can provide detailed activity data that effectively highlights security lapses and helps support audit and compliance efforts.

Key Features


Capture a Complete Audit Trail with Contextual Insights

The logs produced by ASP include detailed information on who is accessing what data and where it is being accessed from. By enriching logs with contextual information, customers gain a more complete view of a user’s activity trail.

Lightweight, Token-based approach (with negligible performance impact)

Appsian takes a different approach to logging, and uses a token-based architecture to generate logs in a structured, actionable format. Only the information specified in its flexible configuration is recorded, and in doing so, avoids the large file sizes and performance implications often found with legacy ERP logging. Furthermore, since our software resides natively in the web server, it is inline and avoids networks hops that delay performance. Load tests return results within the margin of error of normal installs.


Rapid Deployment, Easy Configuration, Native to PeopleSoft

With Appsian’s enhanced PeopleSoft logging, customers can easily gather the information they need. Based on their specific business needs and industry standards, organizations can setup logs to address their exclusive priorities such as threat remediation, incident response, or audits.

Monitoring PeopleSoft User Activity with Enhance Logging – Solution Brief

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