Mitigate Business Risk in SAP

Strengthen SAP access controls and gain real-time visibility into high-risk business transactions

SAP is the core of your organization’s most critical business functions spanning finance, supply chain, sales, procurement, and more. While headline grabbing breaches are top-of-mind, internal misuse and policy violations are a business risk that must be continuously addressed.

The current approach of implementing manual controls and executing periodic audits may catch incidents in hindsight, but as organizations move into the age of real-time business, a more proactive approach is necessary to detect and mitigate risks like fraud, espionage and compliance violations.

Key Challenges

Multi-Factor Authorization Multi-Factor Authorization

Static Security Policies

Accessible Volume of PII Accessible Volume of PII

Uncapped Financial Fields

Compromised Reports Compromised Reports

Manual Mitigating Controls

Limited Data Masking Limited Data Masking

Limited Visibility

SAP’s static, roles-based security controls can pose limitations that force compromise between security and business policies. Unable to fully address risk with static controls, business owners will forego desired access policies or be forced to rely on manual processes to mitigate risk.

While changing or altering some low-risk fields can be harmless, repeated alteration of sensitive financial information can jeopardize organizational integrity. SAP’s native application controls don’t allow organizations to limit or block access based on the monetary value of the transaction – resulting in a radical increase in business risk. Once access to a transaction is granted, there is no way to govern or monitor what changes are made to various fields.

Organizations are overlying on manual controls to mitigate business risks. When a risk cannot be addressed with existing technical controls, someone must gather, review and address any potential violations. This process is slow, diverts time from regular duties, and can lead to violations being missed.

Uncovering business risks often relies on manual audits and reports. Due to the complexity involved, even getting these reports can take weeks to months – allowing malicious activity to persist undetected between review cycles. Furthermore, the immense effort involved will typically limit the scope of review, potentially allowing risk to go undetected.

Why Appsian?

Appsian helps SAP customers implement security in a way that strengthens business processes, minimizes the potential for fraud, and automates manual controls. Appsian Security Platform enhances SAP ERP applications by enabling the implementation of fine-grained data security policies – along with contextual access controls. In addition, real-time user behavior analytics protect business-critical data and transactions while allowing audit process to be automated.

Key Features

Multi-Factor Authorization

Fine-grained, Adaptive Controls

Appsian allows security policies to better align with business goals by extending SAP access control capabilities. Business owners can enact fine-grain, adaptive rules that cover scenarios (not possible before) – such as limiting access to high-risk transactions based on a user’s:

  • Location
  • Device
  • Time of day

Real-time Visibility

Appsian’s Real-Time Analytics allows SAP customers to detect, measure and monitor business risks with precision. Actionable insights enable faster decision making to protect business-critical data and transactions. With advanced visual dashboards, customers can quickly uncover suspicious activity and policy violations, and then drill down to investigate incidents – all without relying on BASIS teams to gather information.

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Rate-limiting controls

Organizations can limit the financial risk of specific transactions by using rate-limiting controls. Appsian allows you to cap the monetary value of a transaction, set limits on how many times a field can be changed, or set +/- percent variance controls on field-value changes. With runtime enforcement of context-aware policies, organizations can significantly reduce losses from unauthorized, fraudulent user activity.

Mitigate Business Risk in SAP – Solution Brief

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