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Turning PeopleSoft Data Into Swift Action

By Scott Lavery • October 28, 2020

Turning PeopleSoft Data Into Swift Action

Whether it’s an audit finding, possible security threat, or ensuring compliance – native PeopleSoft logs have not traditionally been a source of actionable insights. In fact, a visibility gap has steadily grown over time, as organizations’ data requirements have long outpaced PeopleSoft’s capabilities.

However, with multiple functions including Audit, Security, HR, and Finance requiring PeopleSoft data access and usage insight, the pressure has fallen back on HRIS/IT leaders to close the visibility gap.

Fortunately, Appsian has developed the perfect solution for an organization looking to gain deeper visibility into PeopleSoft data access and usage –Appsian360. Join us and learn how to turn your PeopleSoft data into the ‘actionable everything’ solution that can provide essential security and compliance oversight, while enabling teams to work more efficiently.

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