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SAP Data Security In The Era Of Ubiquitous Access

By Scott Lavery • May 28, 2020

SAP Data Security In The Era Of Ubiquitous Access

Businesses are rapidly evolving their ERP estate to keep pace with changing user and customer demands. A move to S/4HANA, remote user access, and mobile apps have all become commonplace in today’s SAP conversation. The SAP security conversation hasn’t evolved at the same pace. 

Most businesses are still relying on decades-old application security techniques to secure their sensitive ERP data even as it moves closer to the edge and beyond. 

Appsian now brings you a data-centric SAP Risk Management Platform to extend and modernize your existing security model.  Gain insight, flexibility, and fine-grained control across the entire SAP suite without rebuilding current roles.  Integrate into cybersecurity tools to combat insider threats, and connect to policy management solutions to maintain compliance. 

You’re already familiar with the foundation, SAP Security’s roles and privileges, and the governance, SAP GRC’s frameworks and reviews… Join us as we explore the next component to SAP risk management: Data-level security

Topics Covered:

  • Explore where SAP data security fits in the current ERP risk management landscape
  • Learn how you can reduce risk in dynamic access environments using data-centric security
  • Explore the use of attribute-based access controls (ABAC) to strengthen your existing security model
  • Discover how you can reduce costs and elevate risk management practices with continuous monitoring

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