PeopleUX Product Overview

Deliver an Exceptional, “Cloud-like” PeopleSoft User Experience 


Three Factors Driving Down PeopleSoft Productivity

Misaligned Digital Expectations graphic

Misaligned Digital Expectations
Users execute their personal business on mobile apps and websites that are optimized for mobility and usability. These expectations extend everywhere, as users expect PeopleSoft to look and feel like every other app/website.

Demands of Multiple Devices graphic

Demands of Multiple Devices
Optimizing for every device (desktop, phone, tablet) is impossible. Considering the myriad of screen size variations and that each device demands a different experience, optimizing an ERP’s user experience across all devices is extremely complex.

Alternatives are Complex graphic

Most Alternatives are Complex and Costly
Whether you are customizing PeopleSoft or undergoing a “rip and replace” project to adopt a cloud solution, most alternatives have a multitude of unexpected expenses and disruptions. Fortunately, there is a cost effective alternative…


Helping PeopleSoft Customers Maximize Their Current Investment

Delight Users, Boost Productivity, and Reduce Support Costs with PeopleUX by Appsian

PeopleUX plugs into your PeopleSoft web server and re-renders the existing HTML to deliver a mobile-responsive user interface and a visually aesthetic user experience. The result being transactions that are both mobile and content optimized, so the user experience is streamlined and the interface remains consistent across all form factors – without adding a single customization to your existing systems.   Thinking of moving your ERP functions to the cloud?   PeopleUX provides the “cloud-like” user experience your users want – but without the expense and disruption your senior leader don’t!

Designed for Maximum Mobility and Usability Across all your Users’ Devices

Appsian’s UX designers apply years of usability testing to your PeopleSoft applications, ensuring your transactions are streamlined, intuitive, and designed to delight


Native Integration Native Integration

Native Integration

Productivity Boost Productivity Boost

Productivity Boost

Increased ROI Increased ROI

Increased ROI

PeopleUX integrates into your PeopleSoft system without affecting the underlying code, so no matter what version you’re using (PeopleSoft Classic, Classic Plus, or Fluid), all pages (including existing customizations) can be optimized with ease.

By removing clicks, changing the flow of a transaction, and adding intuitive features – PeopleUX customers have seen as much as a 120% increase in PeopleSoft engagement (participation and transaction completion. This becomes critical to time-sensitive business operations like Benefits Open Enrollment or Supply Chain Purchasing/Requisitions.

Benefits of ERP productivity are seen in many areas of the organization. Increased adoption of transactions, timely transaction completion, reduction in help desk/support calls, etc. – just to name a few. However, one of the biggest benefits is you can effectively leverage your existing investment in PeopleSoft while lowering your total cost of ownership. PLUS, leveraging PeopleUX for Fluid enablement allows a seamless transition to Fluid UI, thus ensuring a successful (and cost efficient) adoption project.

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