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Your ERP is a Coveted Target for Malicious Activity

Phishing, brute force, password cracking, and insider data leakage all threaten your ERP on a daily basis

Plus, with access routinely being made available outside a secure network, an ERP as become the most vulnerable entry point into your enterprise systems

As threats evolve and the demand for mobile access continues to increase, how do you keep the most sensitive data in your organization out of the wrong hands?

A Best in Class ERP Security Leader

Granular, Contextual, Exceptional

We help some of the largest organizations in the world fully maximize their ERP investment. By combining a sophisticated platform of ERP security solutions for: Secure Access, Identity Management, Threat Detection/Remediation, and Real-Time Analytics, Appsian customers can securely extend ERP access beyond their secure network. Thus, providing maximum workforce productivity, while making the application security process streamlined and efficient. 

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More than 4M enterprise users use our solutions every day


Unique Benefits


Our best in class Application Security Platform leverages a robust rules engine that embeds controls at the login/field/page/component levels of ERP application(s). Thus creating the most granular user access controls available on the market today

Rapid Implementation

Our solutions are lightweight with implementations taking a small fraction of time compared to most IT projects. Many security implementations take less than 30 days (avg.)

Zero Customizations

Our solutions plug directly into the ERP web server, meaning there are ZERO additional customizations to maintain. In fact, our solutions allow you to eliminate some existing customizations.


Appsian provides the granular, real-time user activity data and analytics required to ensure effective oversight, threat management, and remediation

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