Dynamic Data Masking

Gain fine-grained control over sensitive data exposure

Current data masking capabilities in PeopleSoft and SAP offer limited control over which fields can be masked and use static policies for enforcement. In many cases, sensitive data is left exposed whether users need access to it or not. Appsian’s Security Platform extends data masking to any field in your ERP application and is paired with real-time contextual policies that balance security and usability.

Security Platform’s dynamic data masking capabilities provide fine-grained control over which sensitive data fields can be masked for any specified user, in the context of any situation.

  • Control unnecessary exposure of sensitive data for improved security and compliance
  • Apply full, partial, and click-to-view masking or complete redaction to any data field
  • Deploy flexible functionality that protects data without hindering usability


  • Mask or redact data in real-time without affecting the underlying information
  • Apply the same data masking protections to query and search results
  • Deploy contextual masking policies that adapt to the context of access, such as user ID, privilege, device, location, IP address and more
  • Implement click-to-view masking that logs intentional exposure and can be paired with MFA challenges for added protection
  • Flexible control via a configurable rules engine

Key Benefits

Effective Threat ManagementEffective Threat Management


Enhanced Security Enhanced Security


Reduced complexity Reduced complexity


Deploy a robust data protection policy with fine-grained control over who can see what data and when.

Eliminate unnecessary exposure of sensitive data while reducing the risk of insider data leakage and impact of potential breaches.

Reduce the exposure of PII and log when authorized users access protected data via the click-to-view functionality.

Dynamic Data Masking – Data Sheet

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