Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for PeopleSoft

Login/Field/Page/Component Integration. Enable Zero Trust While Limiting User Friction

Appsian facilitates the direct integration of your existing MFA solution with PeopleSoft at login and transaction-level. Thus, enabling you to leverage both contextual attributes and PeopleSoft artifacts to determine if an MFA challenge is deployed. There has never been a more effective way for organizations to protect against hackers using stolen credentials. Or, preventing data leakage from internal users via field-level, stepped-up MFA.

Deploy MFA Challenges When a User’s Level of Risk Deems it Necessary. Avoid User Friction from Over-Challenging:

  • Enforce strict Zero Trust access policies in PeopleSoft
  • Streamline and enforce data access policies across all devices, whether corporate or BYOD
  • Easily configure rules and conditions using browser-based administration

Key Appsian Features

  • Integrated MFA with a variety of vendors (Duo, OKTA, SafeNet, Microsoft Authenticator & more)
  • Force challenges at page/component/field level inside PeopleSoft
  • Force challenges based on role/privilege
  • Force challenges as users move to different applications (via Single Sign-On)
PeopleSoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Solution

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Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication for PeopleSoft

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