Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

Expand Multi-Factor Authentication throughout PeopleSoft

By combining Appsian with your existing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) vendor, adaptive MFA challenges can be integrated throughout the application (field, page, component levels) and invoked based on who is authenticating and what they are requesting access to. Thus, protecting organizations against hackers using stolen credentials or data leakage from internal users (inadvertent or intentional.)

Enhance your ERP security strategy by expanding MFA functionality at each point where user-data resides in your PeopleSoft systems (field/page/component):

  • Enforce robust access policies based on a rules engine within PeopleSoft
  • Enforce access policies across all devices whether corporate managed or BYOD
  • Easily configure conditions and actions of the rules engine using a browser-based administration

Key Features

  • Integrated MFA with a variety of vendors (Duo, OKTA, Symantec, Azure/ADFS, and more)
  • Force challenges at page/component/field level inside PeopleSoft
  • Force challenges based on role/privilege
  • Force challenges as users move to different applications (via Single Sign-On)
PeopleSoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Solution

Additional Resources

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Solution brief

Multi-Factor Authentication – Solution brief

Data sheet

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication for PeopleSoft


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