Transaction Logging

Enhance Current Logging Capabilities with Granular Visibility

Current logging capabilities in PeopleSoft and SAP limit visibility into user activity. In many cases, activity logging is limited to noting as credential log in and out of the system.  Appsian’s Security Platform digs deeper, recording granular details of each transaction. This transaction-level logging provides real-time information on who a user is, what they’re trying to access (field/page/component), and where they’re coming from.

Security Platform’s advanced logging capabilities eliminate the time and complexity that comes with threat monitoring/response, governance, risk, and compliance:

  • Execute a rapid response to possible security threats
  • Eliminate much of the manual work required for performing audits
  • Remain compliant with new data privacy regulations (ex. GDPR)


  • Records user credential activity beyond log in and log out
  • Records log in failure
  • Records access based on device
  • Add click to view features to log exposure of specific data fields
  • Controlled by a configurable rules engine

Key Benefits

Enhanced Security Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Increased Productivity Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Reduced complexity Reduced complexity

Reduced complexity

Execute a robust policy enforcing data access and improve response time to possible security threats

Eliminate much of the time required to manually audit systems. Allow administrators to focus on strategic objectives as opposed to pulling and correlating reports on excel spreadsheets

Eliminate much of the complexity that comes with database audits and provide streamlined methods for administrators to run reports and perform audits

Transaction Logging – Data Sheet

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