By Hendrix Bodden • January 7, 2015

The Sony breach – and virally every other recent high profile breach – has finally driven home what GreyHeller has been saying for some time – that the insider threat vector is as dangerous as the perimeter threat vector.

This survey of Federal IT managers in both civilian and defense sectors supports our view: Survey Cybersecurity priorities-shift insider threats

Security concerns from the survey:

  • Cyber hygiene
  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • Spam tactics

Interestingly, data breaches and cyber espionage were further down the list. Really??!! We couldn’t agree less – data breach (leakage, unintentional disclosure, spillage) – is as serious a threat vector as any.

Finding ways to mitigate and remediate after a breach have got to be on the top of any organization’s cybersecurity priority list.

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