Day 1 2007 OOW – Operational Excellence with PeopleSoft Version Control

By Larry Grey • November 12, 2007

This is the session that Chris Heller and Myself gave at the conference (based, in part, on the following blog entry).

We started out by having some pretty significan technical issues with our demo environment. For those who aren’t familiar with how we present, we believe that conference sessions should show something that people can’t find simply by reading a powerpoint presentation. Therefore, we generally go pretty far out on a limb with our presentations (it’s relatively safe to talk through bullets… to show a live system where you’re making changes in front of the audience… now that takes some work).

We thank our audience for being patient with us as we brought up a back-up environment (actually, we used VMWare’s revert to snapshot feature, which allows us to bring the environment back up without those pesky little blue-screen-of-deaths).

The good news is that we eventually did get things going, and the people who were patient with us were able to see lots of interesting things, such as code distribution to the process scheduler, automated versioning of report development, and even versioning of PeopleTools objects. We made a brief mention at the end of the presentation that we were planning to take what we showed them, add the ability to have more granular control over the PeopleTools objects, and a direct plug-in into application designer. There were a bunch of folks who came up after the session who expressed interest in the product versus trying to do the work themselves.

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