Determing the PeopleSoft Portlet URL

By Larry Grey • August 30, 2006

If you’ve ever wondered how to get direct access to the content with each portlet on a PeopleSoft portal page, the answer is to use the source, Luke! (That’s why they don’t let me do much marketing around here 🙂

If you view the source of the portal page in your browser, you can search for “Begin Pagelet” and you’ll see the direct URL for each portlet. You may need to do repeated searches to find the portlet that you’re particularly interested in.

If you load that portlet URL directly into the browser’s location bar, then you’ll see nothing but that portlet. Of course, nothing also means no CSS. The CSS that gives the portlet some semblance of looking nice (beauty being in the eye of the beholder and all that) is loaded by the overall portal page, so when you go after just the portlet, you get the raw HTML without CSS. Which is likely what you want – if you’re pulling one portlet into a separate portal, then you want that portal to be able to apply it’s own look and feel to the PeopleSoft content.

One thing to keep in mind before using those URLs. If you need to login to see the portlet in the PeopleSoft portal, then you also need to login to see just the portlet. So if there’s some other portal (or RSS reader or whatever) that is accessing the portlet on your behalf, then it needs to somehow get a working PeopleSoft session cookie on your behalf before accessing the portlet.

Historical question for you all; why are portlets called “pagelets” within PeopleSoft? Rich Manalang, you are not allowed to answer this 🙂

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