How much does it cost to avoid a breach?

By Hendrix Bodden • July 2, 2014

If organizations won’t spend what’s necessary to license technology that protects their sensitive data because of cost considerations,we believe class action lawsuits will be a sea change in that way of thinking.

Here’s a link to the PC Chang breach class action law suit.

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$20 million in data breach costs vs. Licensing ERP Firewall……do the math

By Hendrix Bodden • May 21, 2014

Costs associated with the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) data breach that occurred in April 2013 continue to rise and have nearly reached the $20 million mark.

Higher education institutions store the same sensitive data as do banks – SSN; DOB; Address; Bank account/Direct Deposit.

Higher education institutions almost by definition have open networks.

The bad guys have figured that out and are launching full scale attacks on PeopleSoft higher ed customers.

Do the math…..license ERP Firewall for a fraction of data breach costs.

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