Implementing a ‘Data-Centric’ SAP Security and Compliance Strategy

By December 5, 2019 Webinar

Start Time : 11:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM CST
End Time : 12:00 PM PST / 2:00 PM CST

While organizations may feel they have robust SAP security and compliance strategies – the fact is, current strategies often center around static roles & privileges. Meaning, variable attributes (location, device, etc) and the data elements themselves do not factor into access control and compliance policies.

The ability to align your security, governance, and compliance strategies to specific data elements is the only way to ensure that the centerpiece of risk (ie sensitive data) is rightfully protected. With Appsian, SAP customers are enabled to integrate fine-grained security solutions inside traditional ERP applications – giving you granular visibility and control.

Join us as we demonstrate how Appsian’s Security Platform can enhance your current access controls and logging capabilities with:

  • Attribute-Based Access Controls
  • Fine-Grained Business Policy Enforcement
  • User Activity Logging
  • Real-Time Analytics

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