Management Team

Piyush Pandey-CEO

Piyush Pandey


Jason Huey-Head of Sales

Jason Huey

Head of Sales

Chris Heller-CTO & Co-Founder

Chris Heller

CTO & Co-Founder

Kevin Agatone-VP of Product Development

Kevin Agatone

VP of Product Development

Greg Wendt-Executive Director - Security

Greg Wendt

Executive Director - Security

Rajesh Rengarethinam-VP of Engineering (SAP)

Rajesh Rengarethinam

VP of Engineering (SAP)

Andy Oehler-Senior Director of Product Management

Andy Oehler

Senior Director of Product Management

Scott Lavery-Senior Director of Marketing

Scott Lavery

Senior Director of Marketing

Shelley Nelson-VP, Services

Shelley Nelson

VP, Services

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