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We understand that the true threats to your ERP are already inside your applications. By phishing, brute force attacks, or data leakage (due to privilege misuse), odds are your data is already being accessed by bad actors. This is why a security strategy that relies solely on Username/Password access controls and perimeter firewalls is not nearly enough!  Appsian developed Application Security Platform to provide a contextually aware suite of solutions that takes into account who a person is, what they are trying to access, and from where they are requesting access. With Application Security Platform, your data is protected from the inside.

Traditional Security Products

Traditional Security Products Lack the Awareness Necessary to Keep Your Data Secure

There are many security solutions designed to keep bad actors out, however Appsian takes a best of breed approach to security. Assuming bad actors are already inside your system, Appsian protects the actual user data within the application(s). Appsian provides industry leading solutions that are designed to complement traditional network based security with access control and monitoring at the data level (login/field/page/component.)

Appsian is the only solution that can truly protect your user data – down to the granular details!

Leverage Your Existing PeopleSoft Functionality to Achieve an Exceptional User Experience

Appsian understands that your investment in PeopleSoft is substantial. We also understand that leveraging your investment means ensuring your users are achieving maximum engagement and productivity. This is why we design solutions that compliment your current PeopleSoft functionality (ex. customizations, Fluid UI, etc.) by applying native UX/UI enhancements that combine a “cloud-like” user experience with the scalability of a mobile-responsive interface – across 100% of your PeopleSoft environment.

Appsian takes your user experience to the next level – and can save you time and money as you evolve your ERP systems!

Appsian Advantages

Rapid Implementation Rapid Implementation

Rapid Implementation

The Most for Your Money The Most for Your Money

The Most for Your Money

Peace-of-Mind Peace-of-Mind


Engaged and Productive Users Engaged and Productive Users

Engaged and Productive Users

Appsian’s lightweight solutions provide customers with rapid implementation and are simple to manage. Many Appsian security customer have gone live in a few weeks.

ERP investments are years and millions of dollars in the making. But with organizations having ever-evolving demands and new solutions consistently hitting the market, how can you keep up with the “latest and greatest” without sacrificing your current investments? Appsian solutions are designed to take your PeopleSoft system to the next level, so you can be a hero to your users and your bottom line.

Cyber criminals evolve their tactics every day, taking their time to hone their strategy to inflict maximum damage. This ever-changing landscape keeps security professionals up at night as they never feel like they’re caught up to the latest threats. Appsian security solutions remove the variables that keep you in a constant state of vulnerability: sophisticated phishing, human error, malicious insiders, and more. None of these threats are a match to security solutions that are tightly embedded, governed by a robust rules engine, and designed to give you maximum visibility. Appsian allows Enterprise Security Professionals to sleep soundly.

Engaged users that are enabled to be productive tend to be high performers. If users are fully engaged with PeopleSoft, critical business practices like benefits enrollment, recruiting, expense management, performance management, purchasing/requisitions, and more are enabled to be more efficient and will have positive outcomes for general business operations. In addition, users that are pleased with the technology tools at their disposal have the highest retention rates and are the most likely to advocate for your business and provide referrals.

More than 4M enterprise users use our solutions every day


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Oracle Validated Integration provides customers with confidence that a partner’s integration with an Oracle on premises application is functionally sound and performs as designed. This can help customers reduce deployment risk, lower total cost of ownership, and improve the user experience related to the partner’s integrated offering.

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