[PeopleSoft Innovation Summit] Meeting Modern Data Privacy Requirements in PeopleSoft

Learn about Data Privacy Demands and how to manage them in PeopleSoft

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With data privacy demands quickly moving to the forefront, Oracle has responded with features like data masking in 8.56 and 8.57 releases to help PeopleSoft customers from unwanted exposure. However, as access environments continue to expand, your threat surface can quickly outgrow a strategy that relies on data masking. Hacking, phishing, business policy violations can all lead to query and report downloads that quickly put your business-critical data in the wrong hands.

Join Jim Marion and Greg Wendt as they discuss data privacy solutions currently available in PeopleSoft, best practices for optimization and then discuss additional solutions you should consider for creating a truly secure PeopleSoft environment.

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Jim Marion

Principal Instructor

JSMpros Inc

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Greg Wendt

Executive Director Security Solutions


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