Dynamic Multi-Factor Authentication for PeopleSoft™ – Get a Demo!

Application & Transaction Layer Integration

Designed specifically to integrate enterprise MFA solutions like Duo™, Microsoft™, SafeNet™, and more with PeopleSoft. Appsian enables organizations to fully maximize the capability of their MFA in PeopleSoft in order to:
  • Enforce risk-aware authentication policies
  • Enable stepped-up authentication at transaction level
  • Enforce zero trust policies designed to always verify users and devices
  • Implement user activity monitoring with ‘click-to-view’ or ‘MFA to view’
  • Limit user friction and ‘MFA fatigue’ that can undermine security initiatives
Combing Appsian with your enterprise gives you full control over who and how accessing your business-critical data in PeopleSoft. Leverage valuable details about the context of access including:
  • Location, device, time-of-day, # of access attempts, etc. 
  • Role/privilege 
  • What application the user has come from
  • Enable zero trust authentication without causing user friction  

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