Next-Gen Data Security for SAP

Reduce business risk with enhanced access controls and deeper visibility

SAP Business Risks Require Sophisticated Solutions

Only Appsian enables your SAP business, security, and compliance policies to be fully aligned. By delivering adaptive access controls, data usage insights, and the ability to automate critical compliance initiatives – cross-functional teams can be confident that business processes are secure and compliant.

Appsian Makes Data the Centerpiece of SAP Policies

With fine-grained controls and analytics, Appsian enables specific data elements (and the context of access) dictate and enforce business policies. By combining Appsian with existing GRC solutions, you can achieve complete control and visibility over sensitive SAP data:

Attribute-Based Access Controls
Control and enforce business policies by leveraging contextual attributes. Mitigate risks associated with location, device and more

Fine-Grained Business Policy Enforcement
Enforce policies based on exact data elements within a transaction. Data policies can be adaptive and centrally managed across SAP applications

User Activity Logging
Gain deep visibility into data access and usage

Real-Time Analytics
Actionable insights with drill-down capability for automated threat prevention, response and compliance audit support

Security and Compliance Analytics

Use Case Documents

Contextually Aware Contextually Aware


Contextually Aware Contextually Aware

Business Risks Analytics

Contextually Aware Contextually Aware

Segregation of Duties Audits

Appsian adds an additional authorization layer to SAP Access Controls, enabling fine-grained and contextual technical controls that align security policies with business and compliance requirements. With granular rules, SAP users can better protect sensitive ERP data and transactions, restrict activity that breaks from policy, and create attribute-based access controls that are easier to manage.


SAP applications aid several business-critical transactions that run your organization, but with high-value stakes involved even legitimate access poses a risk to sensitive monetary transactions. Learn how to keep a tab on fraud, espionage, and compliance violations with Appsian’s Real-Time Analytics.


Appsian simplifies SoD auditing and compliance by providing direct visibility into user activity, transaction usage, and master data changes in SAP. Using granular, enriched logs, Appsian can report on actual SoD violations (avoiding false-positives) so that the access reviews are streamlined and remediation can be expedited.


Security Platform for SAP – Data Sheet

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