Case Studies

PSFT Pillar: HCM

PSFT Version: 9.2

PeopleTools: 8.58

# of Employees: 2,378

Solution: Dynamic Data Masking

City of Plano Secures Sensitive PeopleSoft Data with Appsian’s Dynamic Data Masking…

PSFT Pillar: Financials

PSFT Version: 9.2

PeopleTools: 8.55

# of Employees: 2,000+

Solution: SSO

American Fidelity Turns to Appsian for Seamless Single Sign-On without Customization…

Pillars: PS - HCM,



PS Version: 9.2

# of Employees: 7,000

Solutions: SSO, MFA, Appsian360

San Joaquin County Improves Peoplesoft Security to Provide Mobile Access…

Pillars: PS - HCM, PS - Financials

PS Version: 9.2

PT Version: 8.56

# of Employees: 1,400

Solution: SSO

City Utilities of Springfield Strengthens Peoplesoft User Authentication and Remote Access Security…

Pillars: PS - HCM, PS - FSCM

PS Version: 9.1/9.2

PT Version: 8.55

# of Employees: 52,535

Solution: SSO

State of Ohio Enables Native SAML Compatibility in PeopleSoft for Seamless Single Sign-On…

Pillars: PS - CS

PS Version: 9.2

PT Version: 8.56

# of Employees: 9,933

Solution: Appsian360

Cornell University Enhances PeopleSoft Logging for Improved Auditing and Reporting…

Pillars: PS – CS, PS - HCM

PS Version: 9.2

PT Version: 8.57

# of Employees: 33,569

Solutions: SSO, MFA

Hackensack Meridian Health Secures Remote Access to PeopleSoft to Deploy Fluid UI Self-Service.…

PS Pillars: CS, HCM, Financials, Portal

PS Version: 9.0 - 9.2

PT Version: 8.53 - 8.55

# of Employees: 26,900

Solution: PeopleUX

The University of Minnesota Improves PeopleSoft Accessibility & User Experience…

Pillars: PS - HCM, PS - Financials,

PS - Portal, PS - ELM

PS Version: 9.2/9.2/9.1/9.2

PT Version: 8.53/8.53/8.54/8.54

# of Employees: 8,800

Solution: MFA, Appsian360

State of North Dakota Improves PeopleSoft Visibility & Access Controls…

Pillars: PS - CS

PS Version: 9.2

PT Version: 8.56

# of Employees: 31,027

Solutions: MFA, Appsian360

Penn State Rolls Out MFA to Secure Access Across All PeopleSoft Applications…

Pillars: Unknown

PS Version: Unknown

PT Version: Unknown

# of Employees: Unknown

Solutions: MFA, Appsian360

Top U.S. Bank Improves Security Visibility in PeopleSoft…

Pillars: PS - CS

PS Version: 9.0

PT Version: 8.56

# of Employees: 10,000

Solution: PeopleUX

Appsian-Enabled Mobilized Information System Gets an A+ from Students…

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