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ASP for PeopleSoft

Application Security Platform for PeopleSoft

Offering a holistic approach to securing PeopleSoft applications, Appsian Security Platform bridges the gap between the legacy security features native to PeopleSoft and the advanced capabilities necessary to stay secure in today’s dynamic environment. This data sheet highlights some must-have features and their subsequent benefits, including improved identity management, visibility, and access control.


Application Security Platform for SAP

Enhance your SAP security strategy with real-time analytics and attribute-based access controls. This data sheet provides an overview of how Appsian Security Platform for SAP enables organizations to implement DLP, access controls, and visibility features required to improve the security and compliance posture of SAP applications.

Appsian SSO

PeopleSoft Single Sign-On

Enhance PeopleSoft with native SAML support using Appsian’s PeopleSoft SSO Connector. Learn how PeopleSoft Single Signon can be quickly deployed to support a wide array of identity providers and easily configured to regulate identity and authentication policies across the enterprise.

SSO BusinessCase

PeopleSoft SAML SSO Business Case

A Single Sign-On solution can significantly reduce the amount of password reset support tickets, in turn, saving your IT support department time and money. This document highlights the opportunity cost of not having a SAML single sign-on for PeopleSoft.

PeopleSoft Security Analytics

PeopleSoft Security Analytics

Learn how Appsian’s PeopleSoft Security Analytics utilizes granular activity logs and advanced analytics to improve intrusion prevention, DLP and incident response efforts. This data sheet highlights how Security Analytics can visualize granular logging data onto dashboards that aggregate tailored trends, anomalies, and access patterns.

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